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MCT Oil supplements from Bullet Organics

Want to know more about the top-quality, premium MCT Oil supplements that we have in stock here at Bullet Organics?

Let us fill you in with some brief pointers about what it is, what it can be used for, and why you should try some. You can also see the information about what our MCT Oil can be used for in our shop here now.

About our MCT Oil Supplements

Bullet Organics strictly supplies premium, top-quality MCT Oil supplements that are derived from 100% organic coconuts. We work this way because coconuts are the richest source of MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides).

Our powerfully pure MCT Oil is a clear and flavourless supplement that can be consumed as it is. It is incredibly popular for use as part of a Ketogenic Diet, and we can offer MCT Oils that are approved Ketosis products. As part of a low-carb diet, MCT Oil can be a great way to lose weight and stay in control of keeping the weight off moving forward. It is an incredibly popular diet these days that has been linked with many benefits as well as the fact that it can actually work.

We supply Vegan-friendly and Gluten-Free solutions, with our oils produced in a GMP and EFSA approved facility. Quality and assurance is always guaranteed. Check out the product details for more information and to confirm whether they are suitable for you.

Many uses

Our amazing MCT Oil supplements can be used to experience a number of benefits. These can include:

  • BRAIN BOOSTER: Pure MCT oil can provide rapid mental and physical energy, and can support cognitive function to keep you satisfied. Studies have shown MCTs can boost cognition when suffering from brain-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • INCREASED ENERGY: Metabolises quickly and efficiently into energy. You could increase productivity and get more done. MCTs go straight from gut to liver, where they’re processed for fuel. And, because your body so readily absorbs MCTs, you can get an immediate but sustained burst of energy.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: These unique healthy fats contain fewer calories than other fats, do not store as body fat, contribute to increased metabolism to burn extra calories, and regulate appetite. The full feeling you get from MCT oil is due to the release of peptide YY and leptin, two hormones that can promote fullness. This means you simply eat less, which is important when it comes to weight loss. This can improve your long-term success of weight management without feeling deprived and weak.
  • KETONE ENERGY: Rapidly absorbed providing instant energy. Experience the power of using quality fats for fuel and keeping you focused for hours.
  • FEWER CRAVINGS: With C8 MCT oil from the best part of the coconut, you’ll crave less and be more satisfied
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION: Promotes healthy digestion and immune function. MCTs have antiviral and antibacterial properties to help protect your gut, and there’s evidence they can also balance gut bacterial levels by stimulating good bacteria to grow (see product listings here for more information)
  • POWERFUL WORKOUTS: It’s no surprise that Gym goers and athletes alike flock to MCTs. Their rapid absorption into clean, sustainable and instantly accessible energy makes it a must pre-workout.

With so many potential benefits, why not try our amazing premium MCT Oil today? This diverse and 100% natural supplement could help you in so many ways.

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