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MCT Oil and Hemp Seed Oil as a gift this Christmas

The perfect gift this Christmas for someone you care about or love could be in the form of our range of amazing food supplements, such as MCT Oil and Hemp Seed Oil.

Did you know that the food supplements sector continues to grow from strength to strength? More and more people are now harnessing the invaluable power of nature for everyday needs, and it can really make a positive difference in the lives of those that use them. We supply supplements that can be used for dieting, well-being, skincare, alertness, fitness, and more.

If someone you know lives a lifestyle that our food supplements could be suited to, we can offer an easy solution when it comes to what you can buy them this festive season.

Premium MCT Oil as a gift this Christmas

Purchasing some of our premium, top-quality MCT Oil as a gift this Christmas could be the perfect way to let someone you care or love know just how much you appreciate them.

Our MCT Oil could help people in a variety of ways, including:

  • Brain booster potential: rapid mental and physical energy, better cognitive function, and help with some ailments such as Alzheimer’s Disease could be seen;
  • Energy booster: MCT Oil can metabolise quickly and could help to raise your productivity and energy levels instantly. Get more done – whether that’s at work, at home, or in the gym;
  • Weight management: we offer MCT Oil that can be used as part of a Ketogenic Diet. It can help you to feel fuller and allow for fat to be burned to help people lose weight and keep it off for good;
  • Healthier digestion and immunity: MCT Oil can help with maintaining a healthier digestive system and could help to keep immunity levels healthy. This is thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial properties to help protect the gut.

We offer MCT Oil in a range of options when it comes to quantity, from standard bottles to 25L containers, and even travel packs for anyone in need of them on the go.

Make sure to check out the range of our top-quality MCT Oils here now.

Hemp Seed Oil

Perhaps the perfect gift this Christmas could be our Organic Hemp Seed Oil. This raw and unrefined oil can be used as an amazing low-heat cooking oil, in sides and dips, as a salad dressing, or even in stir-fry recipes.

Its potential benefits can include:

  • As a healthy oil: it is rich in healthy and essential fats, and a great source of protein, with about 25% of the calories of Hemp Seeds coming from protein;
  • Healthier skin: could help to stop the signs of ageing and reduce dry skin, thanks to Hemp Seed Oil and its similar composition to skin lips. They have a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which may help managing skin diseases and provide relief from eczema and its uncomfortable symptoms;
  • GLA source: a great source of arginine and gamma-linolenic acid, which has been linked to reduced risks of heart disease, and GLA may reduce symptoms associated with PMS and menopause;
  • Digestive health: hemp seeds can contain high amounts of fibre — both soluble and insoluble — which can benefit your digestive health.

You can shop our range of Organic Hemp Seed Oil here now.

Sales and ordering before Christmas

Make sure that you place your orders ASAP to make sure that your perfect gift this Christmas reaches you/them before the big day!

We are currently running a number of discounts and sales, and some qualifying orders can benefit from fast and free shipping. We expect to be very busy over the festive period, and with ongoing UK shipping and logistics issues, we recommend that you get what you need as soon as you can.

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